How to Create GST Calculator using Javascript


Wht is GST calculator

Gst calculator

If you are aware of the GST tax imposed on any service or item, or if you have to impose GST tax on any service or item, then a GST calculator is required. This is a very simple GST calculator, where you can remove the GST price by putting an amount.

This is an online calculator. Which works based on the GST formula.

How to use GST calculator

This calculator is very easy to use.

First of all, you have to enter the amount before GST. What is the GST on the amount after that? It has to input GST percent. And click on the calculate button. In this way, you can remove its GST amount.

What is GST

The full form of GST is Goods and Service Tax. Which is a single type of tax in the whole country. Which can be applied in different percentages on every service or item. This tax applies the same way in the whole country. Meaning that there is 12% GST on apple in Jammu and Kashmir, while GST tax is also in Ahmedabad.

Types of GST

  • CGST – Central goods and service tax
  • SGST – State goods and service tax
  • IGST – Integrated goods and service tax
  • UGST-Union territory goods and service tax

Friends, if you do not find this calculator comfortable, you can also find the GST tax from the GST formula.

GST Calculation Formula

Formula for GST to base amount,

GST Amount = ( Original Cost * GST% ) / 100
Net Price = Original Cost + GST Amount

Formula for Remove GST from base amount,

Remove GST
GST Amount = Original Cost – (Original Cost * (100 / (100 + GST% ) ) )
Net Price = Original Cost – GST Amount